About Photonics21

The European Technology Platform Photonics21 has more than 2300 members. You can find any further detailes on Photonics21 and its structure in this section.
The European Technology Platform Photonics21, founded in 2005, represents the industry as well as research organisations and other stakeholders in the field of photonics in Europe.
Photonics21 is built up and represented by the Executive Board, the Board of Stakeholders, the Work Groups, the Mirror Group and  the Secretariat.
Photonics21 Association
The Photonics21 Association was founded in 2013 as a legal entity to set up the Photonics Public Private Partnership under the new EC Framework Programme Horizon 2020.

Join: Photonics Pilot Line Workshop

Photonics21 with the support of the European Commission is organizing a workshop on pilot lines. This is particularly timely for those interested in the pilot lines called for in the Topic ICT 28b in Workprogramme 2015.> MORE

Research and Innovation Prorities for Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2016/2017 ongoing


Photonics PPP contract signed


EU supporting photonics in Horizon 2020